The situation with human rights in Moldova is under close control of the Swiss Confederation

Solidaritätsnetz International, as an international organization, is closely following the political crisis in Moldova in the context of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms of the individual and citizen.

Moldova is a candidate for EU membership and must strictly follow the roadmap for reforming the entire spectrum of legislation and political and social institutions.

We are outraged by a number of gross violations of the prescriptions of European law by the public authorities in Chisinau, which indicates the immaturity of the regime of Ms President Sandu to build democratic institutions.

Solidaritätsnetz International sent a letter of protest to the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

In its response dated November 02 this year, the Federal Department indicated that Switzerland is committed to effective reforms in Moldova and supports the capacity building of civil society.

Separately, it was noted that the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs has taken control and is closely following the development of events in Moldova, including the situation with human rights.

Solidaritätsnetz International is very pleased with the interaction with the Federal Department and will continue to inform this structure about the grossest violations of European standards by Chisinau in order to take diplomatic steps.

We must note the inadequate behavior of the Embassy and Consulate of Moldova in Switzerland, which does not allow us to establish a functional dialogue.

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