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Solidaritätsnetz International

Our aim and mission

Solidaritätsnetz International is a member of the Swiss independent human rights organization Solidarity Network (Solidaritätsnetz Bern), which has been working for twenty years to protect human rights in Europe and worldwide and to protect political prisoners and people persecuted as a result of military conflicts.

In 2019, it was decided to open a separate unit that could be more deeply involved in human rights issues in the post-Soviet space. This is how the International Solidarity Network was born. The Solidarity Network has an accredited office in Ukraine, as well as representatives in Russia and Georgia.

We are called to monitor and protect human rights in post-Soviet countries in order to avoid persecution of people for political reasons.

How we work?

  • Constantly monitoring the observance of fundamental rights and freedoms of people by state authorities and corporations;
  • Investigate documented violations of people’s rights;
  • Demand that governments and corporations rectify violations to ensure that justice is done;
  • Monitor governments’ compliance with their international obligations that impact people’s rights;
  • Increase people’s access to their rights through education;
  • Nominate international election observers;
  • Exert pressure through political and diplomatic battles.


“Solidarity Network International” is a non-profit organisation. We do not accept aid from governments or corporations. The organisation exists through funds from our parent organisation, donations from individuals, and an extensive volunteer network of our members who work on a pro bono basis.

We are free from the influence of governments, individual politicians, commercial groups and religious organisations. We put the highest value on human rights in our work. We seek their protection regardless of people’s nationality, political views or religion.

Who we cooperate with

We have established contact with a number of MEPs’ offices, UN and OSCE monitoring missions, PACE, as well as the Peace Committee (Finland) and other organisations and politicians.