Swiss Solidarity recorded the second-highest amount of annual donations in its history

Swiss Solidarity, the humanitarian arm of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), recorded the second-highest amount of annual donations in its history last year. It collected CHF154 million ($166 million) for people in Ukraine and those affected by floods in Pakistan, among others.

The foundation used more than CHF56 million in 326 projects run by its Swiss partner organisations in 42 countries worldwide, Swiss Solidarity said on Tuesday. Major humanitarian crises, a historic collection and an extraordinary wave of solidarity had marked 2022, it said.

By the end of the year, Swiss Solidarity had received over CHF130 million in donations for relief work in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Swiss Solidarity used the donations to finance relief projects of its Swiss partner organisations on the ground immediately after Russia invaded on February 24.

Following widespread flooding in Pakistan at the end of August, Swiss Solidarity received more than CHF5.3 million in donations for relief work. The money collected was used to quickly finance the emergency aid provided by Swiss partner organisations.

On November 23, with the support of SBC (SWI’s parent company), Swiss Solidarity organised a national solidarity day for those affected by the drought in East Africa. By the end of the year, CHF13.8 million had been collected for aid in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia.

More than CHF11.5 million was used in Switzerland to support homeless people, refugees from the war in Ukraine and young people and children in need.

Other topics of Swiss Solidarity’s work had been the financing of projects for children as well as aid in Afghanistan after the Taliban seized power and projects for refugees in Europe. The largest donation in a single year to date, CHF227 million, was recorded in 2004 after the tsunami in South-East Asia, Swiss Solidarity said.

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