Vyshinsky on the “Last Drop” of the «Solidarity Network» on the issue of his release

Political prisoner Kirill Vyshinsky

In his interview, political prisoner Kirill Vyshinsky on his support for the «Solidarity Network»:

«The Swiss organisation «Solidarity Network» wrote a letter appealing to the Ukrainian authorities to release you immediately. Could this have contributed in any way to your release?

– It is difficult for me to say. The awareness of the illegality of my imprisonment was the last straw that helped judges and prosecutors to support my lawyer’s request today.

I don’t know what was the last straw that tipped the balance. But I am grateful to all those who put those straws in that cup.»

Lawyer Andrey Gozhiy and the «Solidarity Network» contributed to the recognition of Vyshinsky as a political prisoner and to his release.

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