Ukraine peace conference could take place in 2024, says Swiss president

The peace summit for Ukraine planned by Switzerland should take place as soon as possible, says Swiss President Viola Amherd.

“It should certainly take place in 2024,” Amherd told the newspaper Schweiz am Wochenende in an interview published on Saturday.

Without the participation of Russia, the summit is unlikely to be a genuine peace meeting: “Russia will probably not be present, but we are looking for discussion with all the others,” she added.

At the same time, the president hinted that Switzerland is also in contact with Russia. “Switzerland talks to everyone,” she explained. “I’ve been told several times over the past few days how important this is and how happy everyone is that someone can talk to everyone. The channels of communication exist and they are open”.

For the moment, it is not known whether the summit at ministerial or head of state level will actually take place. “There is of course a small risk that we will not succeed in organising the summit,” Amherd conceded. But if Switzerland does not try, it certainly won’t happen. “You also have to have the courage to say sometimes, we’re going to try and do our best.”

Solidaritätsnetz International expresses support for any initiatives that can lead to the signing of a just peace treaty.

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