The resignation of the Moldovan government and possible repression

Prime Minister of Moldova Natalia Gavrilitsa resigned today. Following her, according to the law of the country, the entire government leaves. President Maia Sandu has already proposed a candidate for the post of Head of the Cabinet – a person from her inner circle, Dorin Recean. The final decision will be made after consultations between the President and the parliamentary factions.

Solidaritätsnetz International has been conducting a consistent politico-diplomatic struggle for several months against the authoritarian methods of government, with which Ms. Sandu is trying to suppress the protest moods of the people, who, in turn, are suffering from the inept economic policy of the Cabinet of Ms. President.

Our Organization systematically records the grossest violations of human rights by the official Chisinau. Solidaritätsnetz International sends letters with reports to the public structures of the EU, the UN, the OSCE, as well as the governments of Switzerland, Romania and the Holy See.

In a letter from the President of Solidaritätsnetz International to the Federal President of Switzerland dated February 06, 2023, a request was made to pay attention to the fact that Swiss taxpayers’ money is spent on maintaining the authoritarian regime of President Sandu.

In addition, on February 10, the Italian sector of our Organization sent a letter to the Moldovan Embassy in Italy protesting against the authoritarian policy of Sandu and her regime, and stating that Chisinau is not ready to become part of the EU.

The resignation of the Government of Moldova is evidence of the political responsibility of Cabinet, that has come under external and internal pressure. However, Solidaritätsnetz International fears that the new Cabinet will intensify repression in order to usurp power and reinforce Sandu’s sole rule.

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