«Solidarity Network» calls Anatoliy Shariy repressed for his beliefs

«Solidarity Network» calls Anatoliy Shariy repressed for his beliefs

The international human rights organization «Solidarity Network» has recognised the leader of the political party his named, media expert Anatoliy Shariy, as a person persecuted on political grounds and repressed for his convictions. The blogger announced this in his Telegram channel.

The organisation said that Anatoly Shariy is a person persecuted on political grounds, repressed for his beliefs and facing unjustified arrest.

The organisation said it sees “a worrying trend that in Ukraine, a state that has proclaimed a course towards European integration and bringing domestic legislation to better human rights standards, there is biased criminal prosecution of journalists who allow criticism of the current government”.

«Solidarity Network» recalled the reactions of the UN and OSCE, which “have repeatedly noted in their reports the abuse and unwarranted broad interpretation of the application of criminal law in the field of national security by Ukraine’s special services”. The letter also noted that this organization “drew the attention of international structures and organizations, Ukrainian and Swiss state authorities to flagrant cases of violations of the international Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in Ukraine”.

“We ask the authorities of the Republic of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Spain to respect the standards guaranteed by international law which protect the freedom and security of a person in relation to journalist Anatoliy Shariy. We ask the Ukrainian leadership to intervene and control the situation at the highest level to prevent Ukraine from sliding towards authoritarian methods of criminal prosecution,” the document declares.

In turn, Anatoly Shariy also commented on this appeal.

“So, I inform you – the international human rights organisation «Solidarity Network», which protects victims of armed conflicts and political refugees from all over the world, headquartered in Bern, Switzerland, recognized me – “a person persecuted for political reasons, repressed for his beliefs, facing unwarranted arrest”. For which I congratulate the leadership of Ukraine. More details later,” the politician said in his Telegram channel.

We recall that some time ago it became known that the Office for Civil and Political Rights of the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya supported Anatoly Shariya in his fight against neo-Nazis.

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