Our protest against the occupation of Africa

On December 9, our activists, in collaboration with the African Maghreb Human Rights Movement, held a protest meeting against the oppression of African peoples.

The event took place on Bahnhofplatz, Bern. More than 30 ativists took part in it.

Solidaritätsnetz International draws attention to the fact that Africa is rich in natural resources, with huge reserves of minerals. Mineral and fuel raw materials, precious metals and stones, land, forest, water resources – all this and much more is found in abundance on the continent. Africa has a unique flora and fauna; many types of crops are of great value. However, these riches are plundered by American and European corporations and governments, and ordinary people do not get even the pitiful crumbs. In addition, many “civilized” countries support African tyrants, continuing the policy of new colonialism.

We must realize our civilizational guilt, including the failure to pay compensation payments to Africans.

See more in the video.


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