Moldovan citizens subjected to restrictions in violation of the Constitution and international law

Solidaritätsnetz International notes that the crisis phenomena in the society of Moldova continue to grow. Representatives of the ruling regime are trying to drown out the deep economic crisis and the discontent of the population with administrative measures and violence.

The regime of President Sandu declared itself a supporter of European integration and a defender of human rights. However, behind the grandiose phrases lie a banal attempt to retain power despite colossal economic miscalculations and an attempt to balance between Brussels’s demands and the economic benefits of cooperation with Moscow.

The official Chisinau got confused in its political declarations. The authorities in Moldova want to appear that they are at the forefront of the fight against Russia, but do not forget to announce their constitutional neutral status. We are not even talking about the fact that sanctions against Russia have not yet been introduced.

On the other hand, President Sandu is clearly aware that within the framework of democratic procedures, she will not be able to retain the “chair of the president”. Therefore, a state of emergency was introduced in Moldova without any reason in the form of a natural disaster. Massive protests in the country are being crushed by the police, opposition media are shut down out of court, and political activists are being pursued by the secret service.

The stakes are increasing and now, to the protests of the people of Moldova, Ms. Sandu did not find anything better than to say that they are trying to make a coup d’état against her. Official Chisinau does not seem to notice the huge inflation and impoverishment of the population, and as a result, dissatisfaction with the government’s activities. No evidence of the preparation of the coup was provided, however, Chisinau whipped up hysteria, which led to flagrant violations of international law and the national laws of Moldova.

The incident took place at the Chisinau airport on March 6, namely, the Moldovan border guards did not want to let Moldovan citizens who arrived from Turkey into the country and threatened to send them back. We are talking about 90 people who were denied entry into the country, who were subjected to solitary interrogation in order to be allowed into the territory of the country where they are citizens, threatening to be deported to a third state.

Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country. Protection against expulsion to another country and the right to return a citizen to Moldova are guaranteed by Articles 18 and 27 of the Constitution of Moldova.

Solidaritätsnetz International claims that the regime of President Sandu is building an authoritarian state and is trying to usurp power by subjecting its own citizens to unreasonable restrictions and repressions in order to maintain an atmosphere of neurosis and spy mania in society.


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