Human Rights Situation in Ukraine

Recently, we must draw the attention of the Government of Ukraine to a number of facts below.

  • The escalation of hostilities in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine has led to a significant increase in civilian casualties and damage to civilian objects. During the reporting period, we recorded 32 civilian casualties related to the conflict: four people were killed (three men and one woman) and 28 were injured (19 men, six women, two boys and one girl), which is 39% more than in the previous three months.
  • The occupying power of the Russian Federation in Crimea continued to restrict fundamental freedoms and civil space, including freedom of peaceful assembly, association and religion.
  • The “courts” of the self-proclaimed “republics” continued to convict civilians of conflict-related crimes in the absence of substantial guarantees of a fair trial.
  • Non-payment of wages to health workers in health care facilities in 18 oblasts, as reported in the spring of 2021, and increased workload due to increasing cases of COVID-19 negatively affect the socio-economic rights of health workers health, most of whom are women.
  • While the protection of public order during LGBTI meetings has significantly improved, the police have not been able to respond adequately to protests and hate speech that incited violence against Roma. In addition, restrictions on freedom of expression remained unjustified, including through the closure of online media.

Solidaritätsnetz International asks for increased attention from civil society institutions.

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