On February 24, the whole civilized world was shaken by the news! Russia, the country that guaranteed the security of Ukraine, committed an act of direct aggression against this country. On war-torn, poverty and occupation, Ukraine, the full power of one of the largest armies in the world fell upon it. Having not achieved strategic success, the Moscow aggressor terrifies the civilian population, destroying residential areas, schools and hospitals.The news feeds are filled with horrific footage of the death of civilians, and what is more terrible, of children.

Millions of Ukrainians, unable to bear arms, lost their homes in one moment and are forced to seek a safe haven in the western regions of the country in the EU, Britain and Switzerland. They need shelter, medicine and food. For the people who remained in the country, in addition to the above, personal protective equipment is needed.

Our organization has been working in Ukraine for many years, providing assistance to refugees and victims, both on the territory of Ukraine itself and in Europe. We have a representative office accredited by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. At the moment, the funds that we have are not enough and we are forced toask donations.

The funds raised will go to:
– catering and medical care for victims and refugees on the territory of Ukraine;
-delivery of humanitarian aid to areas covered by hostilities;
– organization of legal and psychological assistance;
– purchase of personal protective equipment and their delivery to areas covered by hostilities.
The report on the expenditure of funds will be published by the board.

Current account:

IBAN: CH80 0900 0000 1530 1581 8

Kontobezeichnung: Solidaritätsnetz International


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