Today, the organization Solidaritätsnetz International near the building of the Federal Department of Justice, with the help of activists from the our office the city of Bern, held a rally demanding the immediate release of the Moldovan political figure, Ms. Marina Tauber.

At the moment when we started working on the case of Ms. Marina Tauber, she was in prison, now Ms. Tauber is under house arrest, and the repressions against her have not stopped.

The Board of our Organization considered it necessary to recognize Ms. Marina Tauber as a political prisoner and express its solidarity with her, providing full assistance in her release from custody. We will demand the removal of all charges and the rehabilitation of Ms. Marina Tauber.

We have reasonable grounds to believe that the deprivation and restriction of Ms. Marina Tauber’s freedom is politically motivated and therefore constitutes an arbitrary arrest.

We always strive to achieve justice and have already appealed to the Government of Switzerland and to the President of Moldova with a protest, and moreover, we have informed the Prosecutor General of Moldova that we are collecting evidence of violations of international law in the case of Ms. Tauber in order to peport the UN and the European Commission.

In the next few days, the deterioration of the human rights situation in Moldova and the case of Ms. Marina Tauber will be reported by our representative to the Warsaw Human Dimension Conference (OSCE).

We do not leave hope for fruitful cooperation with the public authorities of Chisinau.

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