Four months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Swiss residents continue to fear an escalation in the ongoing fighting, according to a new survey

Most of the 2,422 people who participated in a  survey published on Thursday expressed ongoing concerns about an escalation of the war in Ukraine. The pollsters asked similar questions in March and June to see if there had been any change in Swiss attitudes.

The vast majority (81%) of people questioned in June believe Russia may resort to the use of chemical weapons (compared with 85% in March), while 73% say Russia could even use nuclear weapons (79% in March).

Some 63% said in June that they feared the fighting could lead to a Third World War (72% in March), while 48% said the conflict may spread and affect Switzerland (56% in March).

Two-thirds (64%) believe Switzerland should side with Ukraine and apply EU sanctions against Russia. Neutrality and economic sanctions are not contradictory, the poll showed.

In all, 59% said Switzerland should remain neutral vis-à-vis Russia and Ukraine, and 78% want Switzerland to play a mediating role between the two sides.

Only 23% of respondents were in favour of Switzerland joining NATO but 55% would like to see closer cooperation.


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